• Larry Brill at Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright House
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    Larry J. Brill, my dad

    My dad passed away December 18, 2022. I’m not yet up for posting much, so for now I’m just going to share his obit: Larry Joseph Brill, 86, devoted father and grandfather, passed away December 18, 2022. Born January 20, 1936 to C. Lee Brill and Josephine DeBaise Brill, Larry was a life-long Wallingford resident. He graduated from Lyman Hall High School in 1954, and spent two years in the U.S. Army, from which he created some lifelong friendships. In 1965 he married Ann Rykas. He was predeceased by her in 1975, and he raised their two children on his own. As a young man Larry discovered a love of…

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    Happy Birthday, Babci

    Last night I was perusing housing listings in my hometown, and I eventually browsed my way over to Google Earth where I looked up the house where my mother and her three sisters had grown up. It was on Blatchley Ave in New Haven – or Fair Haven – Connecticut. This was a modest home, to say the least, a very small house with small rooms and a small backyard, on a street that was not known to be very well-off or safe (I do love understatement). My mother and her sisters grew up quite poor, though both of my grandparents worked very hard in rather arduous jobs. My Grampa…